I Give Myself Permission to be Calm.

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What Is Relaxation?

Autogenic RelaxationRelaxation is the state of being mentally calm with relief from unnecessary bodily tension. When the body relaxes it will reduce muscle tension throughout the body causing your muscles to relax.  There is a reflex bodily change that slows your heart rate, lower your blood pressure, reducing the need for oxygen and making your breathing slow down.  Relaxation is associated with peacefulness and tranquility.  The main two main ways to achieve the best relaxation is by using relaxation techniques and doing relaxation activities.

Relaxation involves relaxing the mind, body and soul.  Relaxation of the body involves techniques to relieve muscular tension from your body.  Relaxation of the mind involves using techniques to calm your mind and reduce anxiety.  Relaxation for the soul helps to create greater meaning and purpose in life.

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